How 3D Services can Boost Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales?

In the ever evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly looking out for innovative ideas and strategies to upscale their growth and sales. Digital marketing is not just a luxury service, it is a  basic need for every brand to stand out among the competition and grow their presence on the platforms where most of their audiences are active.

3D technology is another innovation that is more than just a designing service today. From 3D configurators to virtual try-on experiences, 3D visuals are reshaping the way consumers interact with products online, and in turn, revolutionizing digital marketing strategies. In this blog by Vertical 3D Tech we will explain in detail how 3d services can boost your brand’s digital marketing strategies to increase sales.



3D services are most commonly adopted by ecommerce brands to give their customers more realtics shopping experience on their website. The detailed product views, enhanced visualization, personalized customizations, try-on these are the services that might look like new technology / luxury services that most of the bi9g brands are adapting. However, it has a great impact on the digital marketing strategies and here is how:

1. Enhanced Customer Engagement: One of the primary benefits of incorporating such strategies to your ecommerce website is to boost customer engagement. People with a marketing and sales background are very much aware of the importance of customer engagement. With 3D services your customers will be able to interact with the website leading to longer browsing sessions.

For instance, 3D configurators allow customers to customize one product in terms of size, shape, color, accessorize and much more. This provides customers with a sense of ownership and involvement in the purchasing process.

Similarly, virtual try-on experiences enable customers to visualize how products will look on themselves before making a purchase. These virtual experiences increase engagement on the website leading to higher chances of sales & conversions and boost page value on the search engines. 

  1. Impact on Purchase Decisions: While your customers are browsing your website they are watching your products in the real world. This means that your customers can be doubtful of teh products that appear online and so their purchase decision will also be skeptical. However with enhanced 3D visuals you can provide clear and detailed renders of your products on your ecommerce website. The 3D renders from all angles, ability to zoom-in, zoom out, or watch products in their own space. Such shopping features will maximize shopping confidence among the customers and leave a positive impact on purchase decisions. 


  1. Reduced Bounce Rates: Every ecommerce business fears one thing the most – the bounce rates or return requests. This fear is very common with online businesses and the probability of such a thing happening used to be very high before. However, according to recent research it has been found that 3D services have helped reduce such risks in ecommerce businesses by providing engaging content that captures the attention of visitors and encourages them to stay longer on the site. The life-like shopping experience with detailed information makes users’ purchase intent strong, thus they are sure of what they are buying leading to less returns or bounce backs. 


  1. Improved Search Visibility and Rankings: Most of the digital marketing professionals struggle with getting top rankings on the Search Engine Result Page. 3D visuals promote customers to engage with the content, this results in longer browsing sessions and multiple page visits. Search engines prioritize websites that offer high-quality and engaging content. By integrating 3D visuals and interactive experiences, ecommerce platforms can improve their search visibility and rankings, making it easier for potential customers to discover their products online. 


  1. Increased Traffic: Maximum audience do not proceed below five search results. 3D content such as interactive AR files, virtual try-on tend to be more engaging. With that said, as the website gets more engaging sessions it starts getting higher search rankings and improved visibility. Thus with 3D content you can get top spots on Google & search engines and experience higher click-through rates and attract more visitors compared to those with traditional 2D images.


  1. Boost in ROI and Sales Numbers: Investment in 3D technology for ecommerce platforms can bring good ROI as well as the increase in sales numbers which are important. Businesses that are using 3D configurators and virtual try-on features have reported higher conversions rates and increased average order values, and therefore, raise the sales.


  1. Social Media Engagement: Besides strengthening the ecommerce experience, 3D visuals also have high efficacy plus they can be used on social media platforms to increase engagement and drive traffic to the website. 3D content, creative and interactive, tend to get noticed more on social networks which then channel into higher reach and increased brand awareness.


The technology of 3D amalgamation into ecommerce platforms is simply a huge leap in digital marketing strategies. Through the creation of innovative and participatory platforms, businesses can thus raise customer engagement, increase website time spent, lessen bounce rates, improve search rankings, convert leads to sales, as well as draw more traffic from social media sites. Get in touch with our 3D experts at and we will help you with all 3D needs for your ecommerce website. With the consumers becoming more and more challenging, it is essential to stay ahead of competitors through the use of 3D technology in the digital era for a better shopping experience.

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